1. What is the popping/cracking sound?

The cracking/popping sound you hear from an adjustment is gas being released between the joints. Similar to cracking your knuckles or opening a soda can. Sometimes a crack can sound louder if you have a lot of pressure built up in the joint. Sometimes you may not hear a crack/popping sound. The goal is to restore motion back into the joint. Chiropractic adjustments are extremely safe, the popping sound you hear is not a bad thing.

2. What can I expect in a typical visit?

When you schedule for your first appointment you will be taken through a thorough physical examination and treatment (which consists of soft tissue release work, adjustments, flexion distraction table, mobility work). We also offer deep tissue laser therapy with Lightforce Lasers to help decrease pain, decrease inflammation, and accelerate the healing process to recover quicker.

3. How long will it take to resolve my issue?

Since there are many variables that go into an injury it is hard to determine how many sessions it will take to resolve the issue you may have. Depending on how you respond to the first session, will give us a better idea of how many sessions it may take to completely resolve your condition.

4. Do you accept health insurance?

Unfortunately, we do not accept any health insurance. The reason we don’t accept health insurance is because we provide the highest level of service that is focused on spending time with patients and giving quality treatments, which most are not covered by insurance in our office. Insurances can be very limiting in what they will cover; we call that “insurance driven health care”. We strive to have practitioner driven healthcare, where the doctor will determine what is best for your recovery versus what insurance will pay for. If you have an HSA/FSA card associated to your insurance, you are welcome to use it as a form of payment and if needed, provide you with a superbill to submit to your insurance. Reimbursements are not guaranteed.

5. What is an adjustment and what does it do?

An adjustment is a high velocity low amplitude force delivered to restore motion into a joint. It helps to improve how a joint will move and improve nervous system function by freeing up any impingements.

6. How long are your visits?

The first session is 1 hour. Follow up visits can range from 20-30 minutes.

7. What's the difference between flexibility and mobility?

Flexibility is passive range of motion, how far can you move a joint without resistance. Mobility is active range of motion, how far you can move a joint with resistance.

8. Will I be sore after my appointment?

If it’s your first time seeing a chiropractor, chances are you maybe sore after the first visit and will resolve itself in a day or two. The soreness may resemble how you feel after doing a tough workout. You won’t always be sore after a chiropractic visit, usually just after the first session.

9. Will I have "homework" after my chiropractic session?

Yes! Chiropractic treatment will have the best results if you do your homework outside of the office. Think of chiropractic as the coach, and the patient as the player, both parties have to participate in order to achieve results. Homework will consists of lifestyle/habit recommendations, mobility training, and exercises.

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