You conquered bath night, the kids are down, and you finally lay down to go to bed, but now you notice an annoying pain in your glute that's keeping you awake. Dr. Madeline here at Forward Spine Center, and today I'm going to provide you with four stretches and exercises to relieve that pain.

At-Home Exercises:

  1. Trigger Ball Against The Wall - For this exercise, find a ball such as a tennis or lacrosse ball. Place it against the wall on your glute and lean into the wall. The harder you press the deeper it gets into the area of pain. Roll the ball up and down on your glute. This can help release the glutes and piriformis muscles.


  2. Sciatic Nerve Flossing - Start on your back with your feet flat on the ground. Bring one knee in toward your chest, wrapping your hand behind your thigh, bringing your knee in toward your chest, and then straightening your leg then pointing your toes to your head. What we're doing here is we're moving the sciatic nerve in its canal.


  3. Clams - Lay on your side and stack your shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles on top of one another. Bend your knees and while keeping your feet together, you're going to lift the top leg off the other, then back down. With a clam exercise, we are stabilizing, and strengthening the glute medius. To increase the challenge add a resistance band around your knees.


  4. Reverse Lunge Stretch - You're going to bring one leg on top of a couch or chair keeping your pelvis in a neutral position. You're going to shift your weight forward squeezing the back glute, driving the back heel into the ground. You can also do this stretch on the ground. It is important to keep your pelvis tucked while you shift your weight forward with this stretch.


If you wish to learn more about the root cause of your issue, come see us. We provide a thorough history and evaluation, so we can treat the problem on the same day. We hope these tips help!


Dr. Madeline Klesk

Dr. Madeline Klesk

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