Today I am going to focus on 5 that may resonate with you or friend/family member that could benefit from our care.    

  1. Low back pain
    • Joint disfunction is the primary risk factor for lower back pain and degeneration AND joint disfunction is what chiropractors address. We can improve your mobility through adjustments, exercise and education. Most patients show improvement with just one visit. We work closely with your medical team to ensure we see improvement. A 2015 Optum study showed that using Chiropractic care as first contact when experiencing low back pain, leads to a more accurate diagnosis, faster improvement time and cheaper, than any medical specialist or primary care provider.
  2. Nagging neck pain
    • Neck pain is the second most common reason ppl come to see us. Stress, changes in ergonomics, lifestyle hobbies are just a few reasons ppl seek chiropractic care for neck pain. Chiropractic adjustments provides relief and combines with exercises and lifestyle changes, can alleviate symptoms quickly and safely.
  3. Persistent pain.
    • We care and will listen. We will understand your pain and symptoms. We understand pain is multidimensional and will reflect that that in our treatment plan. Treating each individual patient, no one treatment fits all approach.  
  4. Headaches.
    • Up to 25% of all headaches originate from the cervical spine. Spinal manipulation has been proven to provide a safe and very effective treatment for headaches. Research shows Spinal manipulation can cut the number of symptomatic headaches in half. We can not only get you out of pain fast but keep you out of pain. 
  5. Pregnancy.
    • Chiropractic care during pregnancy is a safe, effective and a drug free way to provide relief to symptoms triggered from pregnancy. Establishing movement in the pelvis and addressing joint and soft tissue restrictions creates a comfortable environment for mama and baby, allowing baby the free and position themselves optimally for birth.   
Dr. Madeline Klesk

Dr. Madeline Klesk

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