Tip #1: Proper Preparation

  • Now we typically don't advise you to go from a sedentary behavior straight outside in the shoveling snow. A proper warm-up is key to avoiding injury. A good warm-up routine will typically involve stretching, muscle engagement, and range of motion exercises.


Tip #2: Finding The Right Shovel

  • A lightweight shovel should be sufficient to get the job done. When looking for a shovel, ergonomic shovels can be valuable. It is not a one size fits all type of equipment so be sure to do some research into what type is right for you.


Tip #3: Push Or Lift The Snow

  • Start by pushing the snow first, and once the snow load becomes heavy, start lifting some snow off. Be sure that you are turning your body and your feet along with the shovel to get rid of that load of snow versus trying to do a twist. Be cautious when throwing the snow off of the shovel as it can aggravate the muscles in the lower back.


Tip #4: Using Your Core

  • Brace your abs as you're carrying that load or unloading your shovel. Make sure to hinge at the hips and the knees to avoid overusing your lower back.


Tip #5: Choke Down On The Shovel

  • When you have a load of snow, it's really important to put your hand about halfway, if not past halfway, down the shaft of that shovel as you lift it with snow. When carrying a load, you want the weight as close to your body as possible.

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