Tip #1

Ditch the cumbersome bag and opt for a backpack instead. By evenly distributing weight across both shoulders, you'll avoid straining one side of your body.


Tip #2

Let's talk about posture. Whether you're on a plane or elsewhere, supporting your lower back with a lumbar roll or improvised cushion will encourage proper alignment. Remember, sitting up straight with both feet flat on the ground is key to avoiding muscle spasms and uneven weight distribution.


Tip #3

Maintaining eye level is crucial too. Whether using a neck roll or simply holding your phone upright, you'll prevent neck strain and promote good posture.


Tip #4

Footwear—opt for practicality over fashion. Tennis shoes with proper arch support will provide stability and protect your joints as you navigate the airport.


Tip #5

Don't forget to move! Take breaks to stretch and walk around, especially during long waits or after the seat belt sign is off. Stretching your hips and back, along with staying hydrated, will keep your muscles relaxed and your body limber.


Tip #6

Lastly, bolster your immune system. Hydration and cleanliness are key, so drink plenty of water and use sanitizing wipes on your seat. Consider supplementing with vitamin C and zinc for an added immunity boost, particularly if you're flying.


I'm Dr. Madeline from Forward Spine Center, honored to be a part of your wellness journey. Remember, a little preparation goes a long way in ensuring a pain-free and enjoyable vacation. Safe travels!

Dr. Madeline Klesk

Dr. Madeline Klesk

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