Similar to adults, children will have traumas and injuries such as falling off their bikes, or falling off the couch or out of bed. They also have repetitive stress such as sleeping in awkward positions, or sitting in poor posture.

These traumas, or repetitive trauma, puts stress onto their growing spines. We want to ensure as they grow and develop, these postural asymmetries are corrected and restore proper function and movement after these injuries. Chiropractic adjustment for infants and for kids is gentle, safe, and effective. As children grow, we use low force techniques such as this spring loaded instrument called an activator or an adjustment tool called a Thuli board. Treatment may vary from child to child, depending on the patient's wants and comfort. 

Many people also ask, does an infant need to be adjusted?

The birth process exerts tremendous pressure upon a newborn. The repetitive contractions and pressure onto the baby places stress on the baby's spine. These spinal stressors can impact the growing baby down the road. They may show signs of discomfort or dysfunction in the following ways: 

  • not feeding well
  • not latching
  • torticollis
  • acid reflux, excessive spitting up gassiness or uncomfortable constipation
  • flatness on the headcongestion or ear pulling

You may notice they only look in one position, such as when they're in their car seats or when they're laying in their crib. These signs can travel into the toddler phase where they may show other signs of discomfort or dysfunction.

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