Webster Technique

Are you pregnant and suffering from back pain or hip pain?

The Webster Technique is a tool we use at Forward Spine Center to relieve low back pain related to pregnancy and provide optimal relief for mother, while also providing the best enviroment for baby inutero.

Low Back and Surrounding Musculature

The Webster Technique is used during pregnancy to help loosen the low back/pelvis/sacrum and surrounding ligaments, providing relief to mother and to optimize the position of a baby in the stomach. This technique begins with the patient on their stomach. Pregnancy tables are used at Forward Spine Center that have a drop piece that will lower to allow room for the stomach of the growing baby.

The technique begins with checking the sacrum and the surrounding muscles, that are often fatigued and overused during pregnancy. 

As the baby grows, the muscles in the back and glutes may become tight so we also stretch this area to help keep the mother comfortable. 

Round Ligament and Other Musculature 

Placing the patient on their back the round ligament is checked in this technique. The round ligament helps stabilize the uterus and is often stretched or strained during pregnancy as the baby grows. Applying slight pressure to the round ligament will help release tension within the ligament.

Checking hip flexors is the next step since they will be working very hard during pregnancy. The same idea here is to help relieve some tension so that the mother can be more comfortable. 

Lastly, we will check any other areas the mother is having tension in their body and help release that tension so that they can have as comfortable of a pregnancy as possible. 

The Webster Technique is a specific chiropractic sacral analysis and diversified adjustment. This technique is used to optimize the natural physiology of the woman's body during pregnancy.

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