Try This At Home:

I challenge you to stand up and close your eyes, then disengage your core, note how your feet feel when you do this. Now, engage your core and observe your feet again. You may have noticed that engaging your core also engaged the arch in your foot. This demonstrates the direct impact of core and glute strength on foot stability.


Strengthening is vital when facing joint pain, such as in feet, elbows, or shoulders. Strength training is important for tendon health because loading tissue helps facilitate the formation of new, healthy collagen. For example, in conditions like plantar fasciitis, weak calf muscles can exacerbate arch collapse, leading to inflammation. Addressing these issues through strengthening is crucial, as reliance solely on external supports like shoes is unsustainable.


The body is interconnected. A weakness in one area can cause stress in others. Insufficient glute engagement or core activation, for instance, can exacerbate issues like plantar fasciitis.


Treatment For Acute Injuries:

We offer various treatment approaches in our office including acupuncture, myofascial release, and adjustments, alongside strengthening exercises. An individualized treatment plan tailored to each patient's strengths and weaknesses, will help restore function during everyday activities like walking or running.


If a personalized treatment plan is something you are interested in, reach out to our team here at Forward Spine Center.

Dr. Madeline Klesk

Dr. Madeline Klesk

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