What This Routine Does:

The goal of this warm-up routine involves spinal mobility, muscle stretching, as well as muscle engagement. These key aspects of the routine work help prevent any injuries that could potentially occur from shoveling snow. Here are the main exercises that are in the routine:


Cat-Cow: With this exercise start on all fours (hands and knees on the ground). The cat position can be done by arching your middle back up toward the ceiling. Imagine there is a string pulling your back up. The Cow step involves doing the opposite movement, creating a bowl in the middle back. Please see the video we have posted for further guidance on this exercise.

Thread The Needle: Stay on all fours and take one arm through the other arm to the opposite side, then swing the arm back through and extend to the ceiling while rotating your chest open as you do it.

Back Extension: Transition from all fours, to laying face down on your elbows. In this position slowly push up into extension and hold this pose. If you can do so, you can push up with your hands instead, increasing the stretch felt in the lower back.

Double Knee To Chest: This exercise is done lying on your back. Then, bring both knees up to your chest and hold this position, promoting more spinal flexion.

Pelvic Bridge: The last exercise is similar to a glute bridge, but focuses more on engaging the core along with the glutes. Bring your feet up flat on the table as you are lying face up. Then, press your hips up into the air while maintaining your core and glute muscles.


Please refer to the video if you guys have any questions on how to perform any of these exercises. Remember to breathe through these exercises as well. We hope these exercises help. Please reach out to us at Forward Spine Center, we look forward to seeing you!


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